New Year wishes for GMA, Pinoys

First off, my best wishes to everyone this 2008!

Over the weekend, I conducted an informal survey through text. I asked my friends what they wish for President Arroyo and the Filipino people for the new year.

By the way, Tart and I welcomed 2008 at Auntie Amy’s place in Cavite. Here are some pictures:

Below are some of the responses to the poll:

Edith (mother of missing peasant advocate Jonas Burgos):

I pray to the Lord to send the Holy Spirit to enlighten Pres. Arroyo and Gen. Esperon.

I pray that they will see that extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances are not works of a Christian and can never be justified, no matter what the reason.

These are grave sins and will be paid for.

Mark (poet)

GMA – makulong

People – mapabuti ang kabuhayan

Gemma (nurse)

My wish for GMA is for her to resign.

And for the Filipino people to be more vigilant and be able to assert their democratic rights the best they can.

Dante (IT practitioner)

For GMA: Step down

Jun (former congressman)

That all Filipinos be happy but there’s only one hindrance to that, and that is… GMA

Mila (poet and former professor)

GMA: Bumaba!

People: Umangat!

Ralph (young and gay urban professional)

GMA: Magic elevator shoes so she can rise up from her self-serving motives and truly serve the people.

Filipinos: To realize that self-reliance and self-empowerment will even and beat the odds in the midst of any crisis.

Cynthia (activist and feminist)

GMA: To have sleepless nights! Mabaliw siya sa lahat ng kasalanan niya sa bayan!

People: To exercise their rights, get organized and be united.

Natz (nutritionist)

GMA: Blast off Gloria!

People: Strength and will to struggle for peace, justice and freedom

Gladys (activist media officer)

People: Sana magkaisa para mapatalsik na si GMA.

Greg (lawyer and teacher)

GMA: Sana upuan niya ang peace talks with the NDF at MILF

People: Wish ko sa Pinoy, maglaho ang gutom at kahirapan

Daren (single mother, teacher)

GMA: To finally have the shame to step down

Giba (teacher)

GMA: No more wishes for her kasi nasa kanya na lahat pati pandaraya at pagnanakaw.

People: More political and economic victories for the Filipino people!

(More New Year pictures tonight or tomorrow.)


  1. rpa1

    my NY wish for gma is that may all her wishes not to come true. sa bawat pangarap ng derla ay paghihirap sa ating lahat.

    my NY wish for the people? walang kahirapan.

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