Globe Telecom’s nightmare before Christmas

A Globe Telecom official ringed me up yesterday, after I sent out a text blast of Christmas greetings to my friends.

The official said that Globe has brought back Unlitxt20 because they heard about the TXTPower complaint.

I thanked him of course — but added that not all’s well. Unlitxt20 may have been returned, but how about the two other choices? And why should it end on Jan. 18, as per their announcement?

I also told him the feedback I’m getting about the difficult way of registering under Unlitxt20, so much unlike before. Nowadays, you would have to be extra patient and be ready to wait or retry before Globe gives you unlimited texting. Just today, it took me three hours to register.

The Globe official told me that it could be because more people want to join Unlitxt in time for the holidays. I said, yes, that may be true — but it clearly didn’t help that Globe hiked prices last Feb., and removed unlimited texting altogether last Dec. 15. I suppose there would have been less of a hassle had Globe didn’t remove it in the first place, and continued to provide Unlitxt or Unlimitxt for as many as five days. That way, Globe’s system won’t be “clogged” — that’s a Globe term for its network’s failure to accept as many Unlitxt registrations, the same network that in other instances boasts of redundant capacity — because subscribers are registered for as many days.

The Globe official promised to bring the issue to highers-up — and I hope they’re listening.

The Unlimitxt/Unlitxt fiasco is a continuing PR nightmare for Globe. Globe subscribers hated them in February for hiking prices by as much as 100 percent — suddenly and with tiny announcements buried in the papers. Next, they tried but failed to convince the NTC that TXTPower cannot complain on subscribers’ behalf, using the lamest of reasons.

The nightmare continues today. This is not the first Christmas for Globe and other telcos and they should have known since their first that Filipinos find the holidays a great reason to call and text all their relatives, friends, schoolmates, co-workers. I think many are not naive as to think that Globe just stopped Unlitxt last Dec. 15 just because it wanted to, but of course because the company wants to cash in big-timeon the Christmas rush. What this tells us about Globe and other companies, I leave to you dear reader to conclude.

Subscribers are not asking for an arm or a leg of Globe CEO Gerardo Ablaza. What we want is respect and that the companies like Globe provide us with the most affordable services.

And so this Christmas, months after Globe launched its Abot Mo ang Mundo image marketing campaign, Globe is like Scrooge to many. After subscribers helping this company recover from its very disastrous start and aiding Globe into becoming a winning telecom company, the only thing it aspires is this: Abot Namin Ang Bulsa Niyo.

Come to think of it, the “premium” feel of being a Globe subscriber is fast losing material basis. Subscribers are routinely like doormats.

No wonder many people are on Smart‘s network, and why Sun remains a viable competitor.

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