Desperate House Boys

The soon-to-be deposed Arroyo administration is suffering from an acute lack of rationality and respect to the intelligence of the Filipino as its sycophantic spinners are hard put controlling the widening damage wrought by the Gloriagate tapes.

In the House, GMA’s equally-desperate partisans seem to have just the nearest cave when they speak about the Gloriagate tape. They say so much, eagerly lawyering for and obviously currying favor from GMA in either discrediting resource speakers or the tapes submitted to the continuing House hearing.

They say so much, perhaps thinking that their lengthy manifestations would make the public forget this essential fact: GMA has admitted to being the female voice in the tape.


Kailangan pa bang imemorize ‘yan?

The desperate House boys waste the public’s time and massacre gazillions of our collective braincells with: professions of fealty and love for GMA, their constant questioning of the raison d’etre for their hearing, their mindless motions while their colleagues have the floor, their bad grammar, and their obvious motive of constantly shielding GMA from “damaging” questions. Sometimes, they get to exhibit symptoms of GMA Idolatry, urging “respect for the office of the president”, as if GMA is a reigning queen who is not accountable to anyone.

As what some of my friends say, we cannot stop people from siding with GMA and from joining her in her political grave.