MALAYA: Last-ditch plans set to save Ranario

Nov. 26, 2007

FAMILY and friends of Marilou Ranario, who had been sentenced to death by hanging for killing her Kuwaiti employer in January 2005, will announce today last-ditch plans to save Ranario’s life, including synchronized global protests.

Kuwaiti’s Court of Cassation, the country’s highest tribunal, will issue its decision tomorrow on Ranario’s appeal to overturn her earlier conviction by two lower courts.

Ranario, 35, wife and mother and a former schoolteacher in Surigao, was convicted for killing her employer after he reportedly “insulted her and her people.” Migrante also said Ranario had complained of being abused and maltreated by her employer.

The employer’s family had issued a tanazul or letter of forgiveness in November 2006 but Kuwait’s Court of Appeals still upheld the death sentence.

Migrante said Ranario is among 35 OFWs now on death row in various jails abroad, including one in Brunei, two in China, one in the US, four in Kuwait, nine in Saudi Arabia and 10 in Malaysia.

Regalado said five OFWs have already been executed abroad during President Arroyo’s watch.

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