Jangirl joins the blogosphere

Gabriela Women’s Partylist media officer and Manila Science High School batchmate Jang Monte has set up her own blog.

In her first post, Jang writes:

I am admittedly not inclined towards making my thoughts public. I am not exactly a very public person, though many would believe otherwise– the loud and sometimes even theatrical person that I can be.

Believe me, I’m shy!

Let me just say, this blog and its entries isn’t necessarily me… or all of me. This is the icing on my cake, the pinipig on my ice cream, the leche flan on my halo-halo, the garlic on my goto, the latik on my biko, the niyog on my puto…

The second post is devoted to Kendra, her EEE PC:

Kendra has my boyfriend jealous.

She is the reason why I am fast running out of excuses not to blog or not to be online. She is the reason why all of a sudden I am getting this urge to introduce internet connectivity at home since it can very well be so much cheaper than going to your nearest burger king or the office or gloria jeans timog

Welcome to the blogosphere, Jang!