PH citizen media: A quick overview


CEBU – Global Voices is now holding its Citizen Media Summit 2015 here at the Cebu Provincial Capitol, with 300 delegates from 70 countries.

At a plenary panel this morning, I joined friends Fleire Castro and Ruben Licera, together with moderator Tina Pamintuan, to share views about the topic “What’s happening in Philippine citizen media?”

Much has happened since 1994, when the Philippines had its first Internet connection (which actually happened right in this beautiful and historic city), and here is my take on some of the highlights and milestones of those 20 years:

This deck is by no means complete, and hopes only to provide a snapshot of the good and great things, as well as challenges. If you remember important milestones for a city, province, region, category, genre or community – please leave a comment.

The slides on the PH digital footprint come from a January 2015 global report by digital agency wearesocial.

As an additional reference, here’s a deck titled “Blogging Nation: Focus on PH” which I presented last year at a regional event in Jakarta:

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More updates soon. (Internet access is not being very cooperative, giving the #GV2015 delegates a first-hand experience of the limitations we face in the social media capital called the Philippines, and one of the world’s selfie capitals which we all love: Cebu.)