Join the battle for the internet

battle2I’m joining the battle for the internet today, Sept. 10, to protect net neutrality. You should too.

We Filipinos know how slow internet looks and feels like. It will only get worse if we lose net neutrality in the U.S. and the Philippines.

Many Philippine websites are hosted in the U.S. or use U.S.-based hosting services.

If we lose net neutrality, Team Cable (the leading U.S. internet service providers) would set up “fast lanes” and “slow lanes” depending on who could pay. This is bad for access and innovation. We would all be  affected if the U.S. government destroys net neutrality.

If it happens in the U.S., it could inspire Philippine telcos to do the same here in the Philippines. Yes, they who are behind the slowest internet in Southeast Asia just sell a “fast lane” for content providers who could pay and the rest of us might get into a far slower, usad-pagong lane.

Across the U.S. today, internet companies and internet users are taking part in battle. Our friends in the U.S. have until Sept. 15 to comment to the U.S. government’s proposed net neutrality rules.

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