Hello Garci? Hello ANAD?

I thought ANAD was having a presscon yesterday to finally apologize for being part of the dagdag-bawas in the 2004 polls. A quick check of the Hello Garci transcript clearly states that ANAD was a beneficiary of Virgilio Garcillano’s magickry, getting more votes than it truly did.

I thought that Jun Alcover would publicly dissociate ANAD from President Arroyo and the AFP for failing to adequately support its victory, and for involving them in Gloriagate.

I thought ANAD would publicly uphold democracy by assailing the CPR, the no permit-no rally policy and the PSG’s new no permit-no mass edict at churches near the Palace.

I simply overestimated ANAD and its capacity for exhibiting evident stupidity, its worship of GMA and its sworn duty to defend the military and US interests at all costs.

ANAD’s hysterical anti-communism and anti-Left crusade draws inspiration from Alcover’s original NAD formed post-Edsa1. Public documents would reveal it received US funding, AFP support and quality members such as priest-killer/brain-eater Norberto Manero.

NAD and ANAD are so useful to the military that the media would be able to find in their archives the precise moments the nutcases come out of the woodwork: When the Left puts the government and the military in a defensive, during crucial stages of the NDF-GRP talks or when the military attempts to justify its purported role in murders of activists. In exchange for its antics, the AFP adopted the ANAD as its official partylist, switching votes for Bayan Muna and its sister-parties to ANAD, terrorizing rural folk to vote for ANAD and sponsoring ANAD rallies near Camps Aguinaldo and Crame.

For the people, ANAD is a worthless piece of AFP shit. It has no record of standing up against oppressive governments as in the time of GMA’s predecessor. Neither has ANAD raised objection to threats to democracy or demanded restitution for victims of the anti-democratic Marcos regime.

If ANAD is to be believed, it is the Reds that are behind the political crisis, behind GMA and Garci.

Given all these and the similar pronouncements from GMA herself and Norberto Gonzales, we might as well suggest that they formally adopt ANAD as the official ruling party and stupid anti-communism its ideology. This could finally ensure that in the next polls, ANAD would be able to enter Congress where it would find itself filling the much deserved role as the village idiot.