Eee PC to start selling in Manila Nov. 5

Yehey! Gadgets editor Maui Hermitanio says the Eee PC will start selling Monday here in the Philippines, so expect heavy traffic near Gilmore. Even my good friend Jang has vowed to be there even before PCCorner opens shop. PCCorner’s advertised selling price is P16,999.00.

I sure hope PCCorner and other shops in Manila really launch and sell the Eee PC at such price and perhaps even lower. Obscene mark-ups won’t do them good because their sales volume may become just smaller. Lower pricing for such a low-priced product is the only way to go. Otherwise, Pinoy will just ask their relatives abroad to buy one from there.

For one, Crave reports that the Eee PC is now being sold in the US:

For now, the first model, the Eee PC 4G, is available on the Asus Web site, a variety of regional computer dealers, national chain Microcenter. Next month it will be sold on and for $399. More national chains will carry the product in coming months, according to Asus North America President Jackie Hsu.

Also in the US, TweakTown recently dissected the Eee PC 4G model and ultimately gave the new mini-computer a thumbs up.

My contacts in Hong Kong are also eagerly awaiting the first Eee PCs to be seen in the open market. But they say HK may not at all be a target market of Asus and may mean that the Eee PC may not be sold at all in HK.