An interview on the Glorietta blast

Some political science students from La Salle got in touch with me the other day, requesting an interview on the Glorietta blast. They got this idea that I was at the area when it happened, after they saw my blog’s URL as source of Gambit01’s YouTube videos taken immediately after the Friday incident. I of course made some clarifications.

I’m posting my replies to the questions they sent through Yahoo! Messenger. Twas supposed to be a group interview but I wasn’t available to meet them due to deadlines of the journalism trade.

Here are my replies:

1.what do u think is the reason behind the said incident?

We have yet to see a credible investigation into the incident. The official probe suffers from “credibility deficit”.

Initially, the police said it was just an LPG explosion. On the same day, they said a C4 bomb component was found in the debris. Later, they seemed to have lost whatever C4 component they already found and have said that a LPG tank that burst is purportedly the chief culprit. ur own opinion, is it “terroristic act” or just an “accident”?

Frankly, our opinions don’t matter except perhaps the opinion that a credible and impartial investigation be started. I hope this is not a terrorist or “state terrorist” incident. We cannot know that now for sure.

It was National Security Adviser Norberto Gonzales, former leader of the Light-A-Fire Movement in the 1970s, which first raised the thought that this could have been a terror blast. Later, Acting Justice Sec. Agnes Devanadera said the incident proves that the Terrorism Law is insufficient. What they meant with these statements, only these persons know and they should immediately issue clarifications for the benefit of the public.

3. do u think, the bombing is related to the ZTE broadband scandal?

The incident happened while the country was focusing on the alleged bribery of Pampanga Gov. Ed Panlilio (a priest on leave) right inside Malacanang, as well as the ZTE controversy involving the First Gentleman. That Friday, three bishops called on President Arroyo to resign for allowing the Palace to be the venue of large-scale and shameless bribery.

4. do u know other informations that are not released by the press about this incident?

On the day of the blast, the PNP said that experts from the FBI (US) and Australia are present and offered assistance. I wonder what these foreign experts have found out and whether they agree with the PNP findings.

5. do u know the things being done to secure security for the filipinos?

There is already a Terrorism Law, however draconian and dangerous to our civil liberties. But it did not prevent the Glorietta incident, if it was indeed a terrorist act. The government’s well-funded “intelligence” network failed also, again only if it was indeed a terrorist act.

We’ve all been subjected to security measures especially after the 9/11 bombing. Security has always been tight, the government has all the means at its disposal, but terrorism continues and accidents still happen. Perhaps at the micro-level, people like us should be vigilant and careful, secure ourselves from harm, take precautions.

6. do u know other reasons that u can connect to this bombing?

The incident is a saddening and shocking event, so to speak. It shows the fragility and incompetence of our government and institutions. The government cannot sufficiently protect us from harm, despite all the curtailment of liberties and the sacrifices, plus the huge taxes. We’ve been made to believe for the longest time that we’re being cared for, especially our security, under the Strong Republic. Hindi naman pala. The Strong Republic collapsed last Friday somewhere in Glorietta 2.

I think it is best the citizens support the calls for an impartial and independent probe so we will get to the bottom of the incident and find out the whole truth. Experts from UP, DLSU and Ateneo may be asked to volunteer their technical expertise. The bishops and other religious leaders and the justices of the Supreme Court may lead the investigation. Friendly foreign nations may be requested to send teams to assist the Pinoy experts.

It is precisely because of the lack of reliable, factual, scientific and CREDIBLE findings that we still have many unanswered questions and many citizens continue to harbor suspicions of government involvement in the blast.

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