Writ of Amparo takes effect today

Today will be the start of a test. That test is about the political will of the judiciary to ensure that our rights are protected against political killings and abductions. We will see the test results in the next few days or weeks whether courts will perform their constitutional duties manifest in the new Writ of Amparo adopted by the Supreme Court.

With the implementation of the Writ of Amparo, the Supreme Court and the judiciary are stepping in the long-running conflict between the state security forces under the command of President Arroyo and the victims of extrajudicial executions and enforced disappearances that have been deprived of justice. As in the cases of Jonas Burgos and the UP students abducted last year, the Armed Forces of the Philippines has repeatedly and shamelessly shown that it does not care about constitutional provisions except those protecting the military and the president.

Mrs. Erlinda Cadapan and Mrs. Concepcion Empeno filed today a petition for a Writ of Amparo before the Supreme Court today in their new effort to recover their lost daughters

We will see in the next few days if victims can really avail themselves of the Writ of Amparo and whether the Arroyo government and the state security forces will comply with orders of the courts.

This will be an interesting test of wills and should expose once and for all the murderers and abductors who have been egged on and protected by the current dispensation, on one hand, and a Supreme Court that has taken concrete steps to help victims seeking justice.

Photo courtesy of Arkibong Bayan

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