Gloria at the UN: A true puppet barks for master(s)

Malacañang was ecstatic in its pronouncements about Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s participation in the UN leaders’ summit, marking the world body’s 60th anniversary. Thy sycophants were mighty proud of their grand dame that, acording to first-hand reports from reputable media sources, they clapped lustily even before she opened her mouth in her speech before the Security Council. The sycophants had to be reminded by UN security forces to hush and not to clap. But they still did and did so repeatedly all throughout her speech. The rah-rah boys and girls of GMA even went to the extent of claiming that the Philippine resolution she read immediately got the assent of all the Security Council members, highlighting the “quick” and “unthinking” raising of hands by George W. Bush and Tony Blair.

Well, those are largely interpretations of Malacañang, the principal source of lies and principal snake pit of the Philippines.

It was no surprise that Gloria presided over the Security Council at this time because the Philippines currently holds the presidency of the said body. It was also no surprise that there was uninamous approval of the resolution because it already went through the bureaucratic mill of the UN, especially the prying eyes and hands of the US, the real power behind the UN and the Security Council. It was also no surprise that Gloria did not hide her obeisance, nay, puppetry to the US by priding before the whole world the “special relations” and “bilateral alliance” between the Philippines and the US. Never mind sovereignty, it was time for making “bola” at her master, Dubya.

Thousands of miles away from the UN headquarters, protests continue against Gloria and the world knows this fully well. The protests rage against the illegitimacy, corruption, puppetry and repressiveness of Gloria’s presidency. Pickets were staged everywhere she went in New York, hounding her with shouts of “thief!”, “liar!”, “cheat!”, and “murderer”.

(If there were any, the celebrations were limited to singing paeans to Manny Pacquiao and the two other boxers who won their matches elsewhere in the States last weekend. They truly deserve all the kudos.)

Methinks Gloria’s appearance at the UN could be her last hurrah considering the latest criminal act she did or authorized as President: approving of an onerous, anomalous and anti-Filipino lobby agreement with Venable LLC in order to obtain funding for efforts to amend the Constitution, the highest written law of the land. Its treason and its an impeachable offense, by the way.

However high and mighty she appears to be, or however stellar her company today, it would only be to Gloria’s peril later because when she would finally be taken down, the people would do it in a big, fantastic way too. She will come crashing down from the presidency from up on high to her six foot-deep political graveyard.