Senate should subpoena FG or have him arrested if he refues

First Gentleman Mike Arroyo, who apparently harbors illusions he cannot be investigated, has used his heart condition to refuse the Senate invitation for him to appear before the Blue Ribbon Committee investigation into the National Broadband Network. reports that Arroyo told the Senate in a letter that his doctors have advised him to keep himself away from stress.

The Senate resumes its NBN probe on Thursday.

The Arroyo couple is really resisting all constitutional and legal means to hold them accountable and to make them explain their alleged roles in scandals. It is worse in the case of the First Gentleman because he is not a public official and thus not covered by presidential immunity to prevent him from appearing before the Senate panel.

The Senate should issue a subpoena to compel him to attend. If need be, he must be arrested.  Besides, what is so stressful with being asked about the truth? Lest he forget, he will be more prone to a coronary if and when is hunted down and arrested by the Senate security force.

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