We want a national bloggers association of the Philippines

Even as consultations and discussions are ongoing, but it seems there are bloggers who cannot wait to be part of what is turning out to be a controversial initiative.

The draft manifesto below hopes to provide a starting point towards forming an association of Filipino bloggers. Please feel free to make suggestions to improve this statement of intent.

Members of this future organization will make the final decision on the name to use, the constitution and by laws, its officers and its programs and policies. If you wish to join as a founding member, please sign up below:


  1. Dave Starr

    One thing I don’t see addressed here is nationality. I am not a Filipino. I live, however, long-term in the Philippines, one might say I am married to the Philippines, since I have many. many more family members here than in my native USA.

    I also blog professionally and have been for some years on both Philippine-related subjects and others.

    Am I welcome? I find in general that many Filipino bloggers are outgoing, friendly and helpful to all, regardless of the color of their skin or their passport, while a few others are very clannish, stand-offish and frankly, even racist.

    Will the organization exist only to serve those with ‘Filipino blood’?

    Whatever the organizers chose is fine with me, I just respectfully request this issue be made clear before I put myself down as either interested or not interested.

    Thanks. Dave Starr, Marilao, Bulacan, The Philippines.

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