Murder in the House

The battle for the removal of GMA shifts to the streets with the murder of the impeachment complaint in the House.

Fow what else could the people resort to except to assert their will as a people?

The events in the House were an eloquent admission on the part of our “honorables” that indeed their chamber is a most untrustworthy and worthless institution insofar as upholding the people’s right to impeach a President.

I hope that the many alliances and coalitions would be able to inspire hundreds of thousands, if not millions, in succeeding rallies and demonstrations. From these many groups and their efforts, big and small, would arise the backbone and core of a People Power uprising.

I also hope my classmates and friends who mistakenly pin blame on the protests for the multifaceted and worsening situation. They should be able to realize that they need to get out of their comfort, open their eyes to record of “cheating, stealing and lying”, join the masses and organized groups, and ultimately take part in ousting Arroyo. Hindi protesta laban kay Arroyo ang problema kundi si Arroyo mismo.