Netizens rebuke NBI over plan to register laptops

A number of Filipino netizens went ballistic today after reading news about the National Bureau of Investigation’s proposal to have all laptops and other internet devices registered as part of government’s efforts to purportedly curb cybercrime.

The laptop registry plan, first reported by GMA News and which follows a similar proposal covering mobile phone SIM cards, has attracted the choicest expletives from Twitter users as we could see in these curated tweets:

By the way, this is my first attempt at tweet curation. Thanks to Keepstream for making it possible.


  1. star

    Unlike sim cards, where the cellnumber is recorded and displayed and sent together with the sms or phone calls, the serial number of the laptop is not seen during surfing or sending email or messages or posting blogs/comments. So registering the serial number of laptop will not be helpful.
    the email, blogs or comments can be trace using the IP address…. which is already being used and the reason why many cybercrimes are caught

  2. Ces

    what the? whats next? hmmm everything gets registered now eh? WALA NA BA SILANG MAPAGKAPERAHAN??NAUBUSAN NA?? BADTRIP.

  3. benzar payot

    bakit kayo matakot matrace ng gobyerno kung ano ang mga pinanggagawa ninyo. itoy patunay lamang na marami silang iligal na gawain at ayaw nila mahuli ng mga enforcers natin. ang mga aktibistang ito ang nagpapahirap sa ating bayan, rally dito rally doon hanggang ang mga kababayan natin ay mawalan na ng trabaho….marami ng factory sa manila ang nagsara dahil patyloy na pagrarally. sino ang nag udyok sa mga ito upang sindihan ang pusot damdamin ng mga tao upang umaklas? sila ang mga organising komite ng kilusang communist party of the philippines/new peoples army/national democratic front na sabi nila legal na organisasyon subalit ito ang nagpapagalaw ng mga armado sa kanayunan. wika nga nila shadow government nila ang national democratic front…..isigaw natin ang tagumpay at mabuhay ang demokrasya…..ibagsak ang kumunista….ibaon sa lupa si armando liwanag alyas jose maria sison na nagpapakasarap sa neatherland…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. JuanX

    @benzar payot, you’re an idiot.

    Who cares about the activists? What’s the connection? You see red in everything, boy, go take your meds or the guys in white will take you back to that scary place in Mandaluyong.

    As @star noted, it doesn’t work. Anyone with a pulse and knows a bit about the internet knows that tracing your location is about your IP address and not the machine you use to browse or post on the web.

    Maybe the other commenters are right – this is obviously just another money-making scheme by the incompetent idiots (like Payot) at the NBI.

    It’s a slippery slope, once you give away a right (in this case, the right to privacy), what’s the guarantee that they won’t come for your other rights? They always do, police states don’t sprout overnight. What’s next? National ID system? Register your iPad. While they’re at it, why don’t they just require us to get permits to access the internet?

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