Full texts of pending ‘Cybercrime’ Prevention bills

Photo from maxdy1412.wordpress.com

While Filipino netizens are pressing government, Congress included, for action so we could finally have #betterinternet, some Members of Congress want to do something else: Launch a crackdown on vaguely-defined “cybercrimes”.

Lawmakers have not given up on their dangerous project and on Feb. 2, the House ICT Committee holds a meeting to tackle seven “cybercrime” prevention bills that are pending in the current Congress.

Previously, Kabataan Partylist Rep. Mong Palatino, himself a blogger, called on netizens to take time to study and speak out on the “cybercrime” prevention bills in the last Congress. The results were a number of critiques and notes from netizens like Carlo Ople, Joey Alarilla, Cocoy and others.

Representative Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is the principal author of one of the “cybercrime” prevention bills. When she was president, Arroyo certified a similar bill as a priority measure.

Below are the full texts of five of the seven (?) pending House bills on “cybercrime” prevention: