Unsolicited advice to President Arroyo (or three highly effective tips to handle criticism)

The terribly pikon President Arroyo badly needs this advice.

Aside from the monstrous mismanagement policies she has imposed that cater only to a very few, she has much to learn in good manners and right conduct, especially how to react to criticisms.

Mrs. Arroyo did not even wait for a day or two before firing an initial salvo against the opposition vis-a-vis any possible claim that the administration is involved in the Glorietta bombing. She spoke that same Friday afternoon, devoting more time to warning her critics against misusing the incident to destabilize the situation. Well, the tactic boomeranged because by saying those fighting words against critics and not against the perpetrators, she betrayed the fact that it was she, not her critics, who is misusing the bombings for her own selfish interests.

Besides, criticizing the President is not a crime or has it become a de facto law under Arroyo?