October 9 #sentisabado TweetUps

The grand #sentisabado TweetUp will be held starting 7pm at Gweilos Bar in Makati City. Sign up here for the event.

If you’re unfamiliar with Gweilos, check out this map.

More #sentisabado TweetUps and the hosts:

How about the other areas?

If there’s no TweetUp in your area but you could gather some Twitter friends for dinner or coffee, you may organize one.

If your TweetUp is not included in the list, leave a comment here or mention @sentisabado in a tweet so we could add them up.

FAQs on the #sentisabado TweetUps

  • What’s a TweetUp? It is basically a Twitter users’ meetup.
  • Why hold #sentisabado TweetUps? — Why not?
  • Why hold several TweetUps in one day? — Why not? Seriously, Metro Manila is one big city, the Philippines one big country, and Filipinos are spread all over the world too.
  • What should you expect at a #sentisabado TweetUp? Conversations, story-telling, contests and other activities with other Twitter users, but this time offline.
  • Is it open to all? Yes.
  • Is there a fee? None. But KKB tayo sa pagkain at inumin.
  • What will I get from attending a #sentisabado TweetUp? New friends, and putting a face on the tweets you’ve read and enjoyed.
  • What other things should I do in the TweetUp? Tweet so others would know what’s happening in your TweetUp.