#juanvote: Filipinos launch first internet-powered election coverage network

At the #juanvote "Miting de Avance". Photo grabbed from Blogwatch.ph.

Netizens packed Krispy Kreme Ayala Avenue on May 8 to formally launch #juanvote, arguably the first internet-powered citizens’ coverage of the 2010 elections.

Prior to the meeting, Noemi Dado of Blogwatch.ph and this blogger (on behalf of 100ARAW.com) signed on behalf of #juanvote an agreement with Destiny Cable’s GNN. Noemi and I first thought about #juanvote months ago. Now the idea has become a reality with more than a dozen groups supporting the fledgling network.

#juanvote signals the end of partisan bickering in cyberspace, and the start of collaboration and cooperation to make every juan’s (and juana’s) vote count.

We in #juanvote ask netizens to read, grab, repost and forward this:

Pinoy Netizens Guide to May 10 by #juanvote

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