The Philippines’ social media, internet and mobile statistics

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More and more Filipinos are going online and forming their social networks and here are the numbers that show this reality.

Filipinos are seventh among all Asians in terms of internet usage. InternetWorldStats says the Philippines has 24 million internet users, as of June 2009.

There are now 12,528,400 Filipinos using Facebook, or nearly 14 percent of the country’s population. The numbers continue to go up.

No wonder, Facebook is the country’s most popular website, according to Alexa.

comScore reports the Philippines is the most engaged in social networking.

As of end-March 2010, there were already more than 10.5-million Facebook users in the Philippines.

As of Dec. 2009, Filipino users on Facebook were 8,387,560 — up by more than 2,000 percent compared to Dec. 2008. The Philippines was 8th among all countries with Facebook users.

Filipinos are still 12th biggest users of Twitter. The number of Filipino Twitter users has gone up in 2010, representing 1.08 percent of all users worldwide. In April 2009, the Philippines ranked 12th among countries with the highest number of Twitter users.

The Philippines is 10th among all countries using mobile internet, according to admob.

Filipinos are the 4th biggest users of Mozilla’s Firefox.

Two billion: Number of text messages Filipinos send everyday, according to a media reports.

As of end-2009: Smart Communications has 40-million mobile phone service subscribers; Globe Telecom has 25-million; and SunCellular has 12-million.

I wonder whether there would soon be new global studies. An interesting one that I wish would be given a follow-up or an update is the WAVE3 study in 2008 by McCann Universal where Filipinos ranked:

  • First in social networking
  • First in sharing photos
  • First in viewing videos
  • Second to South Korea in reading blogs
  • Second to Brazil in sharing videos
  • Fourth in writing blogs
  • Fourth in downloading podcasts
  • Sixth in using RSS/feeds

Yahoo! and Nielsen also released a study on Filipinos’ internet habits last year.

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  1. James Madsen

    Philippines will soon rank as the top country with the most number of users of any social media such as text and social networking sites. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Michael John

    Hey, thanks for posting this. I was able to get many info regarding the PHs stats when it comes to the Internet. GREAT HELP! 🙂

  3. joahanna

    hi! i’m doing a research about social media and philippine democracy. i’d appreciate it if you could let me know what sources you used to get the data in this article. thanks!

  4. Rei

    These statistics belie the real problems of poor and expensive internet service, lack of dependable ICT infrastructure, lack of online regulations, and the general lack of knowledge of Filipinos about the internet.

    If using “Social Media” is what we Filipinos are best at, then we really haven’t realized or maximized the potential of the internet at all.

    I’d rather see a headline say “Philippine economy booming, ranked #1 in Southeast Asia, thanks to Filipinos engaging in e-commerce”

    But before that becomes a reality, deeper problems have to be addressed first.

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