Cebu Blog Camp 2010 on May 22

Members of the thriving Cebu blogging community are set to go offline for a day in May.

The reason? They’ll be attending the first Cebu Blog Camp on May 22 at the CAP Auditorium, CAP Complex, Jones, Cebu City.

The Cebu Blog Camp aims to “gather a large number of bloggers from all over Cebu” for a day of sharing the basics and learning the latest trends and developments in blogging and the web.

For others, they would surely appreciate this chance to personally meet fellow bloggers.

Filipino bloggers, including those from outside Cebu, should support this camp. Those who are “ahead in the game” should share their experiences and know-how to those who wish to join the Pinoy blogosphere, and at the very least spread the word about events such as the Cebu Blog Camp. The “elders” of our community must stand up and be counted in strengthening and expanding it, and making it even more dynamic, more skilled, and more ready to face challenges and opportunities.

Those interested in joining the camp should register now.

Registration is free.