Alternative careers for GMA – No. 2: Prison Mayor

While the nation considers the manner by which Gloria M. Arroyo would be removed from the presidency, it is only worthwhile (and perhaps entertaining too!) to explore the many possible alternative career paths she could take when she finally leaves the Palace. This series of blogs on the topic will continue until a new national leadership is inaugurated.

Alternative careers for GMA – No. 2:
Mayor, Prison Mayor

When GMA finally gets the boot, she would surely be slapped with dozens of suits from aggrieved parties.

If the courts would be as loyal to the letter of the law as Prospero Pichay and Luis Pichay are loyal to their primadonna-president, GMA would have to be detailed in Quezon City Jail while in trial for plunder and other crimes she committed and continued to commit as president.

In the elections for Prison Mayor, she would surely win “fair and square” and beat the hell out of her foes. Anyway, she would have almost perfect company. Her PhD in Economics would again be tested — to check proceeds from tong collections, to keeping the pecking order among warring gangs, to maintain her Prison Mayoral rule and to try what many have been trying to do: make do with a few centavos or pesos in allowances for food.

Sana makulong talaga ang pesteng presidenteng ito.