Happy new year, dear readers and friends!

Thank you dear readers and friends for your support last 2009. I look forward to be with you too this 2010. I look up to you for inspiration (see picture, hehe).

I also started writing for AsianCorrespondent.com last 2009 on a blog I titled Bullet Points, hoping to give the international audience my take on what’s happening in our country and the world. I was able to write 59 articles there and I am proud of each one of them.

I hope to write more in 2010 and for this, I’d love to hear your suggestions on topics and issues you wish to see here and on AsianCorrespondent.com.

Happy new year! Manigong bagong taon!

Allow me to share with you my AsianCorrespondent.com Bullet Points posts for 2009:


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