My Christmas and New Year wishlist

Christmas is just two days away and 2010 is not far behind. I hope this list is not too late!

Here’s my wishlist — the key word here being “wish”. I wish to have some or all of them as we work through the final days of 2009 and take things as cool and composed as possible in 2010. They’re all things and gadgets, most of them rather expensive. And so I make these wishes today — and hope that they find their way to me soon.

1. Samsung C3212 dual-SIM cellphone

Photo grabbed from Samsung Hub

2.  Asus EEE PC netbook

Photo grabbed from Laptop Advisor
Photo grabbed from Laptop Advisor

3.  A digital camera

Photo grabbed from Walmart.

4.  A digital SLR camera

Photo grabbed from Gizmodude

5. A voice recorder

Photo grabbed from Adorama

6. An air bed

Photo grabbed from Bedzine

7.  A Nintendo DSi to replace my DS Lite

Photo grabbed from IGN/DSMedia

8. A new place to live in

Photo grabbed from Best Home News

9. An espresso machine

Photo grabbed from Test Freaks.

10. Working table

Photo grabbed from Home Furniture Collection

Now back to planet Earth: I wish good, better and great times with my partner. More time with family. Trips to some Asian countries and great spots in the provinces. A new apartment and a friendlier pet cat. Get all the bills and obligations paid in full within the year. A couple of new pairs of jeans and shorts. A pair of formal shoes. A new bed and new pillows as well. I’d like to have a printer+copier+scanner at home as well. And I’d like to place it on a work table next to my notebook computer.


  1. vera gensan

    Airbed? Bili ka ng duyan sa Divi, tapos ikabit sa 2 puno. May bed ka na, may hangin sa ilalim nito, hehe. Seriously, that is a good wish. Hope you get your wish.

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