A new Ubuntu version out this week!

Perhaps the easiest-to-install and easiest-to-use alternative to Windows XP and Vista will get a upgrade this week! Yes, before the week ends, Ubuntu will be more beautiful and more useful to a growing number of folks worldwide.

The new version of Ubuntu, to be nicknamed Gutsy Gibbon, will feature Gnome 2.20 with lotsa features and improvements, desktop 3D effects, desktop search, fast user switching, fully automatic printer installation, and more!

For this, we have to thank the many persons in the Ubuntu community who helped in developing Ubuntu endlessly.

More about Ubuntu here and about what’s in store for users of Gutsy Gibbon here.

Easy ways of trying Ubuntu are: 1) through a live CD; 2) using Wubi; and 3) UNetbootin.

Why use Ubuntu? Get some answers here.

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