Philippines: A Roundup of the Week

Here’s my latest blog roundup for Global Voices:

aparador ni lisa shares some interesting news tidbits she stumbled upon while doing research on mining.

Pinoy legal urbanite Misterhubs asks a question about popular young actors Diether Ocampo and John Pratts.

“The use of abortifacients, contraceptive pills and devises, sterilization, directly willed abortion are wrong in themselves. They are against nature and God’s law,” asserts In and Out of Season.

What does a Philippine Science High School teacher do on a Sunday? Find out from Akomismo.

Pinoy Gay Blogs features another splendid blog.

For those want to get more information about AIDS in an alternative, Baklo Ako, May Reklamo has a suggestion: watch some cool videos from GI Jonny.

Perhaps one of the most eloquent ways of dealing with the loss of a loved one is through a poem. The J Spot and wife compose and dedicate a poem for baby Joseph Michael.

Cyberbaguioboy asks newbies in blogging some questions, including reminders:

Now that you have a blog, what now? Do you give in to the temptation of making it look impressive but lacks original content? Remember your blog is you. You have to be honest. So before you start typing another word, think. Think hard. Think well. Others are. You should too. Don’t get too engrossed with tricks. They’re mere illusions.

On a trip to Seoul, shares funny notes about her companions. Here’s a sample:

In every tour group you can easily spot two characters: the one you must never ask to take your picture lest foul consequences ensue, i.e. Me, and the one you must not make eye contact with lest he ask you to take his picture in front of every landmark, rock, and lamppost.

Taking a break from it all, Challenges and Movements jogs at the Golden Gate Bridge to reclaim fit, old self and remembers treks at the Zamboanga Peninsula.

Morofilm makes an important announcement:

I am organizing the 1st Mindanao Film Directing Workshop on October 13-14, 2007 in Davao City.

The Workshop in an intensive training focused at enhancing the directing and storytelling skills of up-and-coming filmmakers in Mindanao. Mowelfund Film Institute director Nick Deocampo will be the main speaker.

and generously raffles off two workshop slots to blog readers!

After the Pacquiao-Barrera boxing match, Peter Lavina gives the tale of the tape between the boxer’s earnings and that of his whole hometown.

Empress Balita riddles readers about the identity of married actress Gretchen Barretto’s recent “date”. Pictures included.

A local debit card may soon corner all Paypal withdrawals judging from Jozzua‘s experiences of easily applying for one and actually getting his Paypal money through it.

In the political front, Carol P. Araullo blogs about the PATRIA initiative of and for Filipino farmers. Ellen Tordesillas calls it “Christmas in October”, the purported “gifts” of President Arroyo who will vote to quash the “fake” impeachment complaint against her. Courtesy of Manuel L. Quezon III, here’s an eyewitness report on how administration allies took steps to “inoculate” the President from a legit impeachment complaint.

And as we retire for the weekend, offers as a fantastic essay on language and development by averyseriousblog.

Eid Mubarak to the Bangsamoro and all Muslims!

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