Satur Ocampo files certificate of candidacy for senator

saturocampo4senatorThe following is the statement of Bayan Muna Rep. Satur Ocampo as he filed today at the Commission on Elections his certificate of candidacy for senator in the 2010 elections:

“Today, I am filing my certificate of candidacy for senator of the Republic full of hope for our people and our nation. Through the coming elections, the time is ripe to end nine years of misrule under the Arroyo administration. Our people yearn for change, and now is the perfect opportunity for us to make that change.

I am running for the position of Senator of the Republic for three reasons:

One, as I have done in the House for the last nine years, I want to represent in the Senate the truly poor and marginalized people of our country;

Two, as an admirer of the late Claro M. Recto, Lorenzo M. Tañada and Jose W. Diokno, I wish to carry on their nationalist legacy in the Senate;

Three, I wish to pursue my peace advocacy more effectively as a Senator of the people.

My almost nine years in Congress has taught me that so much more remains to be done in the legislature for our people, especially the poor and marginalized. In particular, I shall focus on the following advocacies if I am elected to the Senate:

* the upliftment of the economic conditions and dignity of the poor and marginalized

* the enactment of a pro-Filipino economic policy centered on genuine agrarian reform and agricultural modernization, national industrialization and the development of a self-reliant domestic economy;

* universal health care, adequate housing and quality education for all;

* fighting corruption and increasing transparency and accountability in government;

* a truly independent foreign policy;

* achieving peace through negotiations and addressing the root causes of the armed conflicts.

As a journalist, social activist and lawmaker, I have dedicated the best years of my life to fighting for truth, freedom, democracy, justice and peace. But the struggle continues and so I must continue to give my all for our people and our beloved country.”

The new coalition MAKABAYAN drafted Ka Satur and Rep. Liza Maza of Gabriela to be their standard-bearers in the 2010 senatorial elections.

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