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Smart and Globe are fighting over the title of having the “fastest mobile broadband service”. As they fight themselves in the media, I thought that perhaps its better to make my own study of the three competing mobile broadband products.

To do the tests, I made use of a Compaq Presario notebook computer running on Windows 7 Ultimate, a single openline Huawei E156C dongle/modem and a generic Mobile Partner software dialer to connect to the internet. I got the SmartBro SIM pack from a package I bought last August. I also bought a Sun Broadband Wireless prepaid SIM SIM pack for P50 and a Globe Tattoo SIM pack for P40.

All tests were done on Nov. 23, 2009 at several points in Metro Manila. APNs used were those suggested by the telcos: for Globe, minternet for Sun, and SMARTBRO for SmartBro. Network settings: WCDMA only. To measure the upload and download speeds, I used

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What is clearly lamentable is that all three telcos provide speeds much less than their promised “up to 2 mbps”.

As you can see, the results point to Sun Broadband Wireless as the consistent winner. The bad news is that coverage of Sun Broadband Wireless is currently limited only to Metro Manila.

My personal advice is to test which of the three actually works best in most, if not all, of the areas you usually go to. To do this, just borrow modems/dongles from your friends.

You may check below for the details of the speed tests:





Verdict: Sun emerges on top with at least 1 Mbps download rate, followed by SmartBro. Globe is last.





Verdict: Sun again emerges on top, and again followed by Smart. Globe was the slowest.





Verdict: Sun again emerges on top with Smart second and Globe at the bottom.





Verdict: Sun again tops Smart and Globe.


  1. Janmer

    sun is the best.. sa prepaid & postpaid sun parin ang the best.. kya n aman usap usapan ng mga may mga laptop, sun ang gamit nila lalo n ngaun year 2010.. more power sun broadband user

  2. Ish

    I’m using Sun but for one week now I’m really having a very bad connection and I don’t know why. It takes forever to call their hotline and I’m really disappointed. This is the third time it has happened and now I’m planning to change internet provider n lang. sayang coz I’ve been using sun for a year now pero these past few months talagang super bagal n connection ko 🙁

  3. Zervine

    Question lng po..
    Panu ba mag open DNS?
    Kase ung sa SBW na nkita ko na pede i configure yung profile manage ng SBW or dagdagan. Creating new profile that switching static to dynamic..
    di ko kase ma gets panu i configure yung eh.
    Masydong complicated pra sken.. sabi kase bblis daw connection mo if ginwa mo un..
    Pa help nman po about my question.. Thx

  4. Verlan Francisco

    Sir gud am. i bought my smart bro this last july. pero ‘di ako satisfied sa bilis ng internet connection. 85.6 kbps lng plagi ang status nung speed. is it a wise move for me to switch to Sun broadband considering my location is here in Bacolod City? hoping for your best response Sir. thanx, more power to you.. Verlan

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