Alternative careers for GMA – No. 1

While the nation considers the manner by which Gloria M. Arroyo would be removed from the presidency, it is only worthwhile (and perhaps entertaining too!) to explore the many possible alternative career paths she could take when she finally leaves the Palace.

This series of blogs on the topic will continue until a new national leadership is inaugurated.

Alternative careers for GMA – No. 1:
Telephone operator

She has shown a liking for making phone calls. Her 14 recorded calls to a Comelec commissioner showed her capacity to be uncharacteristically polite and not project her usual snooty and arrogant attitude. She knows who to call. She knows what she’s got to do, like reminding Garci: ‘Yung dagdag, yung dagdag” or following up on shopping lists: “Will I still get 1M (one million?)?

It may not be impossible that she might end up cheating, este, working her way to being the Telephone Operator of the Year!