Noynoy Aquino to run for president

Noynoy campaigning in 2007

Flanked by members of his family, Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III this morning declared his intention to run for president, seeking to capitalize on the memory of his prominent parents and to “continue” their fight.

In a press conference, Aquino said:

Tinatanggap ko ang hiling ng sambayanan. Tinatanggap ko rin po ang bilin at habilin, tagubilin ng aking mga magulang. Tinatanggap ko ang responsibilidad na ituloy ang laban para sa bayan. Tinatanggap ko ang hamong mamuno sa labang ito. Bayang Pilipinas, tatakbo ako sa pagkapangulo sa darating na halalan.

Aquino’s decision came on the 40th day since the death of former President Corazon Aquino.

As we all pause and examine what’s in store for all of us, read a thought-provoking column on Noynoy’s candidacy. The author is Dr. Carol Araullo, chairperson of Bayan.

Noynoy’s task now is to cobble together the broadest possible coalition of forces to enable him to win, even perhaps as the sole opposition candidate.  There are many things that could happen between now and the deadline for the filing of candidacies and, more importantly, he still has time to convince the public that we can repose our trust in him as the candidate we should campaign for.

The saddest and most tragic thing that could happen is for some to champion Noynoy to again deceive the people about the politics of personality, which for the longest time has failed to deliver the country from the doldrums. We cannot allow ourselves to be fooled either so we must raise the bar, we must ask all candidates running for president to explain to us how they intend to lead, what their concrete plans are, and what role they think the public should play in the democratic process.

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  1. Pedro Angco

    Let us pray for our Political Leaders of our nation sensitive enough to understand macro connectivity that translate Political Power or Political Platform as pipeline..bridge…a ladder for the ordinary people Dreams and Imagination…Thank you very much.

  2. John Carl

    We all hope for a better nation. We want a good leader who is capable of translating our needs into countries’ necessities that are answered and provided fairly.

    We all must remember that a ruler is different from a leader.

  3. Alberto D. Pempengco

    The Presidency should not be inherited.

    It should be earned.

    The question we should all be asking now is: “What has Noynoy Aquino done in the last 10 years of his public service as Congressman and as Senator to EARN MY VOTE?”

    Can I be the first to answer my question?


  4. Raul V. Jallorina

    I have a vision that Noynoy Aquino will be the next Presient of the Philippines.The same vision I had with his mom former President Coty Aquino. I had a vision of seven coup in the clouds at Santo Domingo Church. I had also a vision of Laban sign in the clouds at Cordillera Street in Quezon City. I had also a vision of Jesus Christ at Jollibee Restaurant. I hope and pray that my new vision will be pushed through,Amen.

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