Arroyo tries to buy innocence

Archbishop Oscar Cruz is reaping a PR attack for his allegations that the Palace is mobilizing henchmen and gazillions of money to shut the traps of whistleblowers against Mrs. Arroyo.

But what else is new in this God-forsaken land of pseudo-leaders who harbor illusions of royalty?

Archbishop Cruz may actually be telling the truth, considering last week’s “pagbaligtad” of one of the anti-Arroyo whistleblowers and the barrage of anti-Cruz attacks on radio shows this morning.

Besides, Arroyo has always been reported to dangle largesse on errant congressmen and senators and practically every being ready to be bribed. Remember the discussions over the VAT and the reported flood of money accompanying calls for the revenue measure’s swift approval?

Arroyo’s attempts to pay off and smother with money all the accusers and accusations of misdeeds and perfidy may obtain the opposite of the intended results. For indeed, it only shows Arroyo being a quintessential trapo, a kapit-tuko sa puwesto, and would reap more protests.

Nakakainsulto ang laro at planong ito ng Palasyo.