US super-terrorism: Hiroshima

It was an opportune time for many to ask the right questions over the weekend, when Japan and the world marked the detonation of atomic bombs in Hiroshima.

The questions pertained to acts of terrorism perpetrated by governments as what happened when the US government authorized the pilot of Enola Gay to drop the bomb on the Japanese city.

The internet is full of accounts of that act of US super- terrorism that levelled Hiroshima in an instant, killing hundreds of thousands and rewriting world history in terms of priorly unknown horrors of inter-imperialist rivalry. Indeed, only the mad dash towards a redivision of Asia and the defeat of a strategic enemy could have persuaded the US government into doing what it did and turning Hiroshima into a burning hell more than five decades ago. The barbarism of imperial Japanese invaders could not be corrected by US super-terrorism.

But whatever the motives, the misdeed has been done. For the record, the US government remains the only record-holder of being the lone state power to use atomic weapons — clearly a weapon of mass destruction — during a war. This infamous record will be followed by the use of Agent Orange during the Vietnam War and depleted uranium in the Gulf Wars.

To date, the US government possesses the most number of nuclear warheads, outnumbering all the other nuclear powers. Also, it has refused to disarm itself while hypocritically requiring others to do so.

What we should do now is to continue to condemn acts of terrorism in all its forms, especially those undertaken by governments.

Hopefully the world would be freed from the scourge of terrorism and hypocritical US super-terrorism. Otherwise, we would just be folling ourselves with a false sense of security and be party to the future slaughter of innocents by way of detonated weapons of mass destruction.