Bring it on, Mrs. Arroyo. Filipinos raring to kick your #conass.

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is said to be preparing to use her state of the nation address tomorrow to raise anew the call for charter change.

It is thus a good thing that bloggers and Facebook users took on this issue with Cyberprotests and a Blog Action Day.

If Arroyo would indeed announce a renewed effort to ram down our throats this idea of a Constituent Assembly (ConAss) to keep her illegal hold on the presidency and to enshrine the failed policies of neoliberal globalization in the charter, then we have a great battle ahead of us and let’s not surrender an inch of our places in cyberspace to the regime’s lies.

Tomorrow, the day of the SONA, let’s express full and unconditional support and solidarity to all Filipinos who will brave the rains and face the terroristic hordes of state security personnel in their great undertaking to present the true state of the nation and to give flesh to the national consensus that this speech should be her last. Let’s cheer them on, especially the farmers and workers who marched from the provinces. (By next year, we expect the new president to hold Arroyo accountable — or at the very least, not place obstacles to her and her cabal’s prosecution.)

Bloggers Kapihan and the Facebook group Pilipinas Kontra ConAss thank all those who took a stand today through various means, including the following:

On Twitter: #conass

On Plurk: #conass

On Facebook: Pilipinas Kontra Conass