Filipino bloggers set July 26 as Blog Action Day for real change, not charter change

On July 26, the eve of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s state of the nation address, bloggers and members of Facebook group Pilipinas Kontra Con-Ass will stage a Cyberprotest and Blog Action Day.

Through various means, we wish to say a principled and committed NO to all the naked attempts to deceive the people about the alleged need to change the Constitution. But whatever they say and however they lie, it is clear to most bloggers and netizens that the evil regime led by Mrs. Arroyo herself are scared of leaving office. They are scared to death that come June 30, 2010, when her questionable term of office supposedly ends, she will face a whole slew of cases to make her liable for all her criminal liabilities against the nation.

She, they are scared of what an irate and a justified people who have long been denied justice, accountability and good governance can and will do.

And so the groups behind the July 26 events wish to urge all bloggers and netizens to take a stand for regime change, not charter change. Indeed, it is change that we want, not the kind of fake constitutional reforms Arroyo desperately wish to make which are only for her own, selfish ends.

We do not intend to wish to outscoop Arroyo. We expect her SONA to be the main news starting in the morning of Monday. But alongside the tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands marching in the streets in Manila and elsewhere in the country, in solidarity with each Filipino seeking opportunities and working hard and honestly, for the sake of something truly valuable that we can share to future generations, we take a stand on the July 26 Blog Action Day.

Let’s take a stand. It can be as simple as grabbing a button and posting it on our blogs and our Facebook, Friendster and Multiply accounts,  blogging, Tweeting and Plurking about Con-Ass (or #conass), or prepping for the next day’s marches, but whatever we do, let’s do it for this higher purpose of putting technology and new media and our online selves for the only country we have.


  1. Bryan

    well they thought that filipinos could easily be fooled, they`re wrong. We are aweare about what is going on, and “CONASS”, which is supported by congress {the pork barrel jackass). This wont do good to the peaple, but to those allies of GMA.

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