Philippines stops short of banning travel to swine flu-ridden Mexico

Stopping short of banning travel to Mexico, the Department of Foreign Affairs today asked Filipinos going to Mexico “to avoid large crowds, shaking hands, kissing people as a greeting, and using the subway” citing the swine flu outbreak in the country.

The DFA also announced that government will be closely monitoring arrivals from the US and Mexico.

“Filipino travelers are also urged to avoid hospitals and clinics unless they have a medical emergency. Those with health concerns are advised to stay in their homes or hotels and call their physicians to avoid possible exposure,” said a statement from the DFA.

The DFA also said that the Department of Health will issue a Health Alert Notice (HAN) to travelers from the US and Mexico.

“Travelers will also be required to fill out a Health Declaration Checklist at major ports of entry in the Philippines to screen for potential signs and symptoms of exposure to the virus,” said the DFA.

Read the WHO swine flu FAQ here