Blogging Gloriagate and regime change

Today, bloggers from all over are set to meet at UP’s Malcolm Hall for the iBlog Mini: Blogging Gloriagate.

This is a good opportunity for an offline meeting among bloggers and perhaps the more militant, more active would be able to plan a little for both online and offline actions. I am sure TXTPower convenors and members who are bloggers too would gladly host a Grand Gloriagate Blogroll and Webring at our site.

The rise of blogging both as a venue for political debate and as political tool for otherwise marginalized voices is a positive development in authentic democratization. Activists and all dreamers of a Better Philippines should have a blog.

Take the impeachment complaint against Gloria as an example. Or the hearings on Gloriagate, juetenggate, whistleblower Louie Zuce. There are plenty of issues bloggers could focus their energies on, but perhaps with a clear view that we ought to help propel the mass movement for Gloria Arroyo’s removal from office and for regime change.

Conscientious people who are sick and tired of trapos could blog their frustrations over the rotten status quo and let others read it and digest it. Those who have alternative programs and alternative viewpoints on how to solve problems such as the bulok na gobyernong Arroyo and the sistemang bulok are also most welcome in the blogging world. Such views are pervasive nowadays and they are so pervasive that Arroyo has unleashed rabid dogs like Raul Gonzales in a vain effort to terrorize everyone with stark stupidity.

The fight for regime change could be chronicled in the blogging world. At the same time, bloggers could also help map out the post-Arroyo period by writing about our dreams and aspirations on what could best replace the current setup. As a firm believer in the Filipino’s capacity for greatness and openness, I am sure many people would be able to contribute immensely to this quest for both short-term and long-term solutions to the crisis gripping the country.

For now, see you at today’s iBlog Mini and at the next rally.


  1. digitalfilipino

    Thank you for making it in iblog mini! Hope to get the chance to chat with you next time. More power to you!

  2. Major Tom

    I am one with your views Tonyo. Blogging will soon affect our society like no other, just like any form of media.

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