‘Selected Writings of Jose Ma. Sison’ to be launched Feb. 19

As the world searches for solutions to the global economic crisis, Prof. Jose Ma. Sison publishes his views on politics and the economy, on democracy and socialism and on the problem that is imperialist globalization. This is another step forward for Prof. Sison and the national democratic movement as they offer help to the country and the world towards understanding and addressing our situation.

Invitation to the launch of Prof. Jose Ma. Sison’s new books 

Prof. Sison is a mainstay in the eyes and minds of workers, farmers and segments of the middle class. For them, for us, he clarifies the issues and developments in the Philippines and the world with a perspective that is consciously and consistently patriotic and progressive. Such a viewpoint is refreshing as we consider the daily avalanche of colonial and regressive views coming from the political, business and thought leaders of the status quo.

Sans redbaiting and crass anti-communism, perhaps our officials, technocrats and the intellectual class would be better off if they give Prof. Sison a chance.

Prof. Sison has written extensively on politics, economics and international affairs. Among his contributions to advancing national democratic scholarship are Struggle for National Democracy, Philippine Economy and Politics (Ekonomiya at Pulitika ng Pilipinas), and Philippine Crisis and Revolution (Krisis at Rebolusyong Pilipino). The military claims he authored Philippine Society and Revolution (Lipunan at Rebolusyong Pilipino) under the nom de guerre Amado Guerrero. The latter is also available as a PDF book.

The new books are an addition to deep arsenal of progressive writings penned  by activists, revolutionaries and dreamers in the Philippines who all aspire for change.

Having said all that, I hope you consider attending this event and reading Prof. Sison’s new books.

Download the event’s PDF invite.