Americans ask US Congress to stop US aid from being used for political killings in RP

More than 200 leaders of faith-based groups, unions and labor rights advocates, Filipino-American organizations and academics have written the US Congress to protest human rights abuses in the Philippines and the misuse of US foreign military assistance.

Among the signatories to the letter, which was sent to every member of the US Congress, were:

Rev. Larry Emery of the Community Presbyterian Church, said in an email that the signatories to the letter hope that “it will communicate to our nation’s leaders how important this issue is for such a wide spectrum of Americans”.

“We want Congress to know that ordinary Americans from every walk of life do not want to see America support the type of oppression and bloodshed that is being perpetuated by the Philippine military against its own people. Our goal is that US funding of the Philippine Military will stop unless they begin to meet certain human rights benchmarks as outlined in the letter,” said Emery.

Photo courtesy of the Architect of the Capitol

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