Pinoy Citizen Journalism Seminar draws SRO crowd

The Pinoy Citizen Journalism Seminar held Saturday (Nov. 29) at the UP Diliman’s NIGS Building drew nearly a hundred participants, according to event organizer Pinoy Weekly.

Prof. Danny Arao, former chair of the UP journalism department, have a crash introductory course on citizen journalism which highlighted the need for a grasp of basic journalism tenets by those who seek to engage in citizen journalism.

The audience included bloggers, student journalists, techies, geology students and representatives of people’s organizations who may be interested in tapping the web for their advocacies.

My input was on technology and citizen journalism. I will post my Powerpoint presentation and links to all the references a bit later.

Kudos again to Pinoy Weekly and all its partners for making this event possible, and thank you to all those who attended the event.

More photos here, here and here.