FullyBooked launches Bloggers Book Club

Dozens of bloggers trooped Friday afternoon to FullyBooked‘s flagship store at Bonifacio High Street for what turned out to be the launch of an exclusive Bloggers Book Club.

The event included a tour of the store’s premises that highlighted its wide array of books, music and collectibles, as well as the store’s inviting interiors. Friendly staff were on hand to provide info on how the book store operates and to answer bloggers’ questions.

A visit to the uView theater and the collectibles section at the basement was a pleasant surprise. The comics, manga and graphic novels shelves are a playground for the minds of people like me.

Yehey.com provided free WIFI access to participants, some of whom Plurked away as the event went on: Through the sumptuous dinner served by Hizon’s Catering, exciting contest, the announcements (including the establishment of the book club exclusively for those who attended the event), and finally, the event highlight: the mad dash to the three tables where we got two books each for free!

The books I was able to get were Point to Point Navigation: A Memoir by Gore Vidal, and Number One in Heaven (The Heroes Who Died For Rock n Roll) by Jeremy Simmonds.

Thanks again to FullyBooked, Yehey.com and Hizon’s!

Check out the pictures here.


  1. Ian

    Re: “House of Leaves”. Interesting… Not really hot for deconstructionist stuff, but what the heck, I’ll try (most) anything once. 🙂

    I wonder when Fully Booked will have a branch in Ortigas.

  2. AL Cabrales

    The High school principal should be the one to be suspended. The student never violated the freedom of speech. The Dr. principal still using the colonial mentality which is not applicable for the current generation! Boo!!!!!!!!!Ha!!!!!!

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