Salceda briefing paper and presentation for President Arroyo on the global economic crisis

While countries worldwide are taking “extraordinary” and “bold” steps to confront the global economic crisis and the recession that grips the biggest economies, President Arroyo and Congress have agreed to resort merely on enacting a national budget for 2009 that did not consider the meltdown.

What’s in store for the Philippines in the next few months? Let’s see from an economic briefing provided by Albay Gov. Joey Salceda to President Arroyo. The briefing paper and presentation are dated Nov. 12, 2008, and I’m publishing both documents here so anyone interested may take a look and analyze them.

In his introduction to his briefing paper, Salceda said:

Contrary to most impression, developing economies particularly Asia will principally bear the brunt of the economic slowdown cum financial crunch. Their stock markets are starting to indicate that grim prospect.

Below are the presentation and paper:

Salceda Briefing Presentation

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Salceda Briefing Paper

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  1. ginoray

    it’s particularly alarming that the Arroyo administration has continually turned a blind eye on the global financial slowdown and other similar issues.
    they refuse to admit to the people the real economic situation of the country and have consistently pretended that the government is doing enough to address such problems when in fact that’s the only thing they do best, pretend.

  2. tonyo

    That’s what we get if we don’t fight harder or our darnest best to effect change in government. Not that its our fault, but we have to rebel, if an when necessary.

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