Obama won’t meet GMA

US President Barack Obama won’t be meeting with Gloria Macapagal Arroyo when she visits the US yet again this month.

Obama is apparently treated Arroyo like a plague, starting with her most recent US visit, when Arroyo tried her best to score a PR coup through an audience with the highly popular Obama.

Arroyo suffers from a perennial unpopularity among Filipinos due to her questionable election, the rampant corruption emanating from the Palace, gross human rights abuses, etc. The list goes on.

Not available by phone, or face to face either

AFTER failing to get hold of US president-elect Barack Obama over the phone, Malacañang yesterday said a meeting with Obama is not in the agenda of President Arroyo when she is in New York Nov. 12 to 13.

Arroyo will be attending the UN General Assembly on interfaith dialogues. Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita earlier said a possible meeting with Obama was high in Arroyo’s agenda.

“There is no such plan in the first place,” Press Secretary Jesus Dureza said in a radio interview. He said Obama will assume the US presidency in January and that Arroyo has a “different intention” in going to the US.

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