The truth about the Plaza Miranda bombing

The Armed Forces of the Philippines and the likes of Dean Jorge Bocobo continue to spread the bloody intrigue that it was the Communist Party of the Philippines that bombed Plaza Miranda on August 21, 1971.

Do they present any proof? No. More importantly, is there any proof? Nil.

On the other hand, Prof. Jose Maria Sison and the rest of the CPP leadership falsely accused of masterminding the dastardly crime have long been cleared of the charge filed by the PNP-CISC before the Office of the City Prosecutor of Manila.

The Manila city prosecutors dismissed the charge for lack of sufficient basis. You may download the full text of their resolution here.
Sison has actually devoted an entire page in his website
to voluminous documents pointing at his innocence and the failed attempts to pin him down for many crimes with the exception of rape. Unfortunately, spreading anti-Left tsismis is Bocobo’s cup of tea.

The fascist Marcos dictatorship failed to convict Sison, Bernabe Buscayno, Satur Ocampo in the military tribunals despite the ready availability of the entire machinery of government to produce or manufacture evidence.

In their mutual hatred of the AFP and Dean Jorge Bocobo, they are throwing away reason, prettifying the brutal record of the Marcos dictatorship and teaching Filipinos a false, doctored history that, in their myopic view, should demonize the Left and airbrush valiant resistance waged by the New People’s Army in the countryside and the legal organizations in the cities.

These intrigeros make Marcos so happy in hell.


  1. DJB Rizalist

    hey Tonyo Dean Jorge Bocobo was arrested on the night martial law was declared, along with chino roces, ninoy aquino and 120 others that represented the peaceful and democratic opposition to Marcos. He was imprisoned by the fascist dictator, long before you were even born and got converted to communism.

    As for proof of who did the Plaza Miranda Bombing, go read Jovito Salonga’s book, one of its victims who originally blamed marcos too.

    Marcos may have been a fascist, but he wasn’t stupid, like you!

    Why would he bomb Plaza Miranda without killing them all? He used two grenades? C’mon. He would’ve killed them all if that was his plan.

    And of course the results of the midterm elections of 1971 proves this right, since the opposition then swept the polls.

    Of course, you folks don’t care about polls do you, since you are totalitarians living in an adult fairy tale.

    The Filipino people long rejected your CPPNPA because they are murderers, kidnappers, and a nationwide organized crime family conducting large scale extortion and blackmail operations.

    They are terrorists masquerading as revolutionaries, long ago rejected by the people. You should join them at the Utrecht Space Station.

  2. Tonyo

    You need some mouthwash Mr. Bocobo.

    1. You don’t need to boast about your credentials. I am not questioning your person, but your sweeping accusation. Age doesn’t matter when truth is at stake.

    2. Salonga’s book used discredited testimonies is largely or essentially the same “evidence” used in the PNP case that was dismissed by the Manila City Prosecutor. If that is the only proof you can produce then I am sorry to burst your bubble.

    3. Of course, I care about the elections. Many activists died as members of partylist groups.

    4. Marcos was a fascist and all fascists are stupid. Communists, socialists and democrats have long fought stupid fascists.

    5. The real fairy tale is what comes out of your foul-smelling mouth.

    Gosh, by the way, you sound like Esperon and all the death squad commanders.

    Beneath all the hogwash of a reply you posted here, it is just all too obvious YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY PROOF to back up your claim on the CPP role in the Plaza Miranda bombing.

  3. reyna elena


    I have no clue who this DJB is, pretending to be a DEAN and you have to make a qualification to your readers that DEAN is just a “NAME” and not a DEAN of a college. Pretentious name.

    In any case, I was led to this article, as old as the troll, if you might be interested, on how this old man crumbled in front of my face.

    He wont’ show you his real credentials. If you have it, send it to Reyna. I am interested what’s in that credentials hahahaha

    Now, I see how all these pretentious intellectual political bloggers in Manila are so wanting some intellect! DJB one of them.



    don’t get too offensive with what that foul-smelling old hag had to say. don’t even believe that he is who he says he is. that is just his style, barging on someone else’s blog and polluting it with his own satirical inventiveness.

    we all are just dimwits compared to his affable intellect.

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