To the social climber Malu Fernandez

To Malu Fernandez, the social climber People Asia columnist who can’t afford to fly Business Class or First Class going to Greece and devoted her bigoted prose on our hard-working OFWs, I say: FUCK YOU!

Not only did you dishonor other columnists and society writers who have the sensitivity not to malign members of our own race, you even dragged all fat and obese people down your dirty path.

Your fate is this: Your name will be synonymous with Singapore, the country that hanged Flor Contemplacion. You will have to face the wrath of practically every Pinoy family, maybe even your own, for shitting on their kin who are working their asses off abroad. They do not deserve you bigotry and racism. You do not deserve their following.

Respectable fat people, the ones who have good manners and right conduct, and have no racist or bigoted bones in their hefty bodies, will for eternity scorn you.

You may still redeem yourself though. You could start by saying sorry through a public apology addressed to OFWs. and to all your readers. More importantly, you may add your now infamous name to the roster of those who fight for OFW rights, specifically to save those in danger of being executed or were raped as they toiled for dollars that, once pooled here in the Philippines, help sustain the lifestyles of the rich and the infamous like you.

Fuck you, Malu!

Snapshots of Malu Fernandez’s column reproduced here. Thanks to korg3178′s blog.

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  1. Salvador

    I feel terribly sorry for such insensitive lines of Ms. Malu Fernandez “From Boracay to Greece”. If she writes for lifestyle section, I pray that such lifestyle of insensitivity must not be tolerated. She has to bear in mind that the OFWs kept this country going no matter what their smell is. While I admit that she speaks rather candidly, yet her lines were written rather contemptuously. It is such a pity that a newspaper section which should have been the window of finesse was made by Ms. Malu Fernandez as a platform of insensitivity, contempt and arrogance. Have we relegated finesse to rudeness? If higher society could be such, then what right do we have to expect better from the rest? Really ad nauseam.
    I used to travel long haul from work site to work site, economy class; even if I hold gold membership to almost all of the airline alliances because I wanted to interact with other OFWs while in transit. My supervisees are all foreigners. I have expats from almost all continents reporting to me. I am the boss and I am Filipino. And mind you, all of my supervisees have distinctive smell, worst than the cheap cologne or maybe worst than the smell of Malu Fernandez’s expensive perfume. But come to think of it, no matter how expensive the perfume one wears, it does not, to the very least, add to his/her sense of humanity much less to finesse and decorum. Smell or no smell, I respect my staff, nationals and expats alike and I do not use smell as reference in writing their performance appraisals.
    If we do not have sympathies with certain groups of people at least we should be constructive and engaging. Words do hurt; let us be responsible in dispensing them. Journalistic license is not an excuse for insensitivity and arrogance. Truth to be productive, should always be constructively articulated.
    I am an OFW and I am proud of it. I may smell unpleasant to Malu H
    Fernandez, but I am part of those who contribute billions of dollars to the Philippine economy every year to keep it going.

    Salvador R. Caluyo Jr.
    Programme Coordinator (tsunami response)
    United Kingdom

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