Great Sabado night: Bloggers Manila Networking Event

Kudos to Ms. Janette Toral and the Club for the successful Bloggers Manila Networking Event held at the Pagcor in Paranaque City.

The event provided more than 100 bloggers a great opportunity to spend Sabado Night to network among ourselves, to make friends and, for others, to try to make business. Others also won great prizes during the raffle and the poker game, courtesy of Pagcor. A whole slew of industry reps were also there, by the way, almost all of them very much interested in the power of blogging and how they could possibly tap these powers for their products and services.

I met a whole lot of bloggers (and new friends!) including Lad, Chris A., Gladys, Father Blogger, Reyna Elena, AJ, Jehzlau, Azrael, Errol, and dozens of others. Of course, Ederic was there too.

Congratulations too to all the bloggers whose efforts landed them to the Philippines’ Ratified List of the Top 100 Blogs.

The event was well-organized and provided ample time for bloggers to do some networking over red wine and iced tea. Thanks to Janette and the Club for organizing this event.

Looking forward to the next event.

Great event photos:

Read more about this great event:

And some video:


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