New Politics anyone?

As we continue to search for good government, Bayan Muna and its allied political parties and organizations stand out today as the bearer of good news and a practical program to replace the bankrupt rule of the elite.

Barring the senseless anti-communist tirades, there are sound reasons to support and adhere the Bayan Muna viewpoint, principles and program of action.

Today’s setup in the political, electoral, economic, cultural, military and diplomatic affairs are in shambles. The system has gone broke for a long time. The most intelligent and brightest among the elite can no longer claim a seeming “divine right” to monopolize political power simply because they have failed to deliver the promise of a better life to the Filipino people. This same elite class have only shown a readiness not to serve but to raid the national treasury.

We all thought that Joseph Estrada was already the worst, what with his making the presidency the apex of criminal activities. Little did we know what the next elite leader (Clinton classmate and US-educated Gloria Macapagal Arroyo) could do: Steal the presidency and get caught with it on tape.

Foreign investments, foreign consulting, foreign military aid, foreign borrowings have always been the de riguer in various spheres of our national life. But prosperity has remain a foreign idea. Much of the profits derived from the daily toil of our people (be it in farms, factories and offices) get repatriated to foreign shores and some to the pockets of the local elite.

Democracy meanwhile has been limited to formalities — formal elections, formal institutions, formal laws and documents. The bigger classes of workers, farmers, the middle class and the patriotic entrepreneurs have yet to be given commensurate power. This is the reason why the people’s demands are not met, social spending shrinking, the elite endlessly and ravenously raiding the public coffers while making such democratic formalities serve their selfish interests.

New Politics — not the fake slogan of Arroyo in 2001 and 2004 — seeks to depart from the elitist, pro-imperialist ways. It wants to realize the Filipino people’s dream of authentic freedom and democracy. It has the following objectives:

• To establish a democratic, nationalist and popular government by empowering the people, ensuring their representation and participation in all levels of government decision-making.

• To assert national sovereignty and independence and protect the national patrimony from foreign domination and control.

• To promote a self-reliant and sustainable socio-economic development through the integrated programs of genuine land reform, national industrialization and protection of the environment

• To uphold and defend the people’s basic human rights and freedoms and ensure justice for all victims of human rights violations.

• To improve the social and economic welfare of workers, peasants and other marginalized sectors by providing a comprehensive and progressive program in basic social services and livelihood.

• To promote a national culture that is progressive, patriotic, scientific and popular and develop research and development in science and technology.

• To guarantee the right to self-determination of the Bangsa Moro, Cordillera and other indigenous peoples and ensure their participation in all matters that directly affect them.

• To remove all forms of gender oppression and discrimination against women and promote their full involvement in national affairs and other fields of endeavor.

• To advance a national comprehensive policy on peace negotiations to address decisively the root causes of the prolonged armed conflict that has historically beset our country.

• To foster a just policy of international relations that is independent, peace-oriented and mutually beneficial to our integrity, security and prosperity as a nation.

Let us support the bearers of New Politics. Better yet, let’s join them and ensure the attainment of these objectives that best reflect our highest hopes for our nation.