Filipinos join Blog Action Day

Thank you to everyone who joined the Blog Action Day 2008 here in the Philippines.

This flurry of blogging about poverty continues for yet a few hours in other parts of the world.

Here’s a sampling of what Filipino bloggers wanted to say:

Walang Iwanan: Kahirapan at ang Ilusyon ng Corporate Social Responsibility

Fight Against Poverty

Poverty During Christmas

Attitude Change

Blog Action Day!

Blog Action Day: My Action

Buhay Pa Tayo

Poverty Alleviation through Information Communication Technology

Go Fish – Blog Action Day 2008 – Poverty

Today is Blog Action Day

Blog Action Day: Poverty

Ang Sa Wari Ko Supports BLOG ACTION DAY 08 in its war against POVERTY

Whose sorry now?

Kung magsasawa ka lang.

Memos on Poverty and the Imagination

Poverty Does Not Equate to Unhappiness

Hard times ahead: What awaits our OFWs?

Blog Action Day 2008–POVERTY in verse

Blog Action Day: Poverty in the Philippines

Poverty and the Blogger

World food day activities

Cry Poverty — With Style

Blog Action Day 2008 – Poverty: Addressing Society’s Real Conflicts

Poverty in the Philippines

Hirap maging mahirap

Gratitude is a Sickness Suffered by Dogs

Poverty and the Filipino Diaspora


Blog Action Day

Poverty and Elections

More here and here.

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