Oct. 15 is Blog Action Day 2008 in the Philippines

Oct. 15 is another red-letter day for Pinoy bloggers with the holding of the Blog Action Day 2008 which carries the theme “Filipinos taking a stand on poverty”.

It is easy to join and open to all bloggers. On Wednesday, be among the thousands of bloggers from across the world who will devote a post or several posts on the issue of poverty. It may be about our personal observations, our cherished dreams, stories of despair and triumph, photos and videos of our poor folk as they try to get by each day.

The possibilities are endless, as bottomless as the hope of our poor people that sooner or later, our nation will have to unite and confront the three-headed monster that keeps the Philippines mired in poverty and destitution: foreign domination, corruption and feudal bondage.

Now is not the time to be cynical or to be apathetic. Now is the time to take action.


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