Obama beats McCain among Fil-Ams, Asian Americans — survey

Less than a month before the US presidential elections, Barack Obama is trouncing John McCain among Asian-Americans, including Filipino migrants and others with Filipino ancestry.

According to the National Asian American Survey, 41 percent of Asian-Americans favor Obama over McCain who garnered 24 percent support.

Of all Fil-Ams who responded to the survey, 35 percent said they will vote for Obama, 29 percent for McCain, one percent for other candidates and 34 percent remain undecided.

The survey found out that 61 percent of likely Asian-American voters view the economy as the most important issue in the elections. The war in Iraq is far second with nine percent, followed by oil prices with five percent, health care at three percent, education, jobs and terrorism each getting two percent.

Other highlights of the survey, which you may download here:

In battleground or toss-up states, 43 percent of Asian American likely voters support Obama versus 22 percent for McCain, while 35 percent remain undecided.

Filipinos, Chinese, Asian Indians, Japanese and Koreans tend to identify with the Democratic Party more than with the Republican Party. Vietnamese identify more with the Republicans.

Language access and ethnic language media are important for the Asian American electorate. One third of Asian American citizens get informed about politics from Asian-language television and newspapers, and about one in five get political information from Asian-language radio and Internet sources.

Fil-Ams (18 percent) are the third largest voting population among Asian-Americans. Only the Chinese (24 percent) and Asian Indians (22 percent) are more numerous. Others are Vietnamese (11 percent), Korean (10 percent), Japanese (six percent), and other Asian ethnic groups (nine percent).

Fil-Ams mostly identify themselves as Democrats (35 percent), compared with Republicans (19 percent), independent (18 percent) and non-partisan (28 percent).

More news about the survey here and here.

Fil-Ams have formed the Filipinos for Obama group and are popularizing the Tagalog translation of Obama’s battlecry: Kaya Natin!

Some conservative Fil-Ams however continue to fall for Sarah Palin, McCain’s running mate.

Finally, an interesting read still on the topic of Obama: An NBC news correspondent’s report on how Filipinos view the US elections from thousands of miles away.

Photo from Hari Hamartia on Flickr.